We took a little sabbatical yesterday. You may have noticed, or at least I hope you noticed, because if you didn’t that makes me sad. In hindsight I suppose I could have been courteous and kind with an announcement informing you of our Monday absence around these parts, while directing you to pursue your Internet procrastination elsewhere.

For our American friends who aren’t aware, it was a long weekend here in the great nation of Canada, the one when we annually celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday with many barley-based beverages. Good times were had by all I’m sure, and in less than a week the U.S. of A will have its own three-day weekend festivities. Sunshine for everyone.

Anywho, where did we leave off Friday when we last spoke? Ahhh yes, we were discussing a pretty important injury to a pretty important player that may or may not effect his status for training camp. Yeah, about that…

This morning we learned that Tony Romo had a cyst removed from his back last month. At some point, the amount of times a 33-year-old quarterback has to be craved by a knife will add up. But Romo said the absolute worst case scenario is that he’ll miss the team’s mini-camp in early June, though he hopes to be ready for that.

He will, however, miss the Cowboys’ first round of OTA practices which start today. That was the only sort of awful news, as Romo said if he had to play in a game this week, he’d do it. I suppose a guy who once played with a punctured lung would say something like that.

From the Dallas Morning News:

“If this was the regular season and I had to play next week, I could,’’ Romo said Monday night on the eve of the Cowboys first OTA of the off-season. “This is just about being smart.

“That’s why I did it now. This will have no effect on training camp. No way will it have an impact. And I still think there’s a good chance I’m on the field for mini-camp.’’

Cool deal, Tony. There are high, optimistic hopes for Romo this year if we assume that the addition of first-round center Travis Frederick can keep him upright with a little more frequency, and he could then join the upper echelon of fantasy producers at his position…maybe. In 2012 Romo had 271 fantasy points, while Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady each had more than 320.

Hey, remember Week 11 last year when he was sacked seven times by the Browns?