I highlighted lots of numbers while assessing the fantasy implications of Michael Crabtree’s injury that’s set to keep him out until at least Week 12 this fall, which is nearly the entire fantasy regular season. Not good.

Now I’ve compiled a few more interesting digits from some people who do really awesome things with numbers and that device you use to add them together.

You’ll also note that during the playoffs, three of the four touchdowns Kaepernick threw landed in Crabtree’s hands.

Although Anquan boldin can’t match Crabtree’s speed and ability to be a deep threat, he’s more than capable as a third-down and goal-line possession receiver. That was often the role he played for Joe Flacco last year, and his leaping ability was frequently utilized.

Nonetheless, this is still troubling…

Comfort can’t be quantified, especially when we’re talking about a young quarterback. After Kaepernick’s brilliance last year, it’s easy to forget that even including the playoffs, he still hasn’t logged a full season as a starter (he’ll start only his 10th career game in September). When he became the 49ers’ starter, there was clearly a strong and immediate connection between Kaepernick and Crabtree, one that’s now lost for most of the 2013 season.

With essentially two rookies left alongside Boldin and with Mario Manningham still recovering from his own injury, the 49ers will likely sort through the scraps of free agency to add veteran depth. We could see the return of either Randy Moss or Brandon Lloyd, both of whom induce a gagging reflex. Over at Rotoworld, Evan Silva pondered a more aggressive move by general manager Trent Baalke in the form of a trade to acquire, say, Malcom Floyd or Kenny Britt.

This is a frightening day for Kaepernick, but the downgrade for his fantasy value is marginal. He still has Boldin, along with two promising young targets in A.J. Jenkins and Quinton Patton, that Vernon Davis guy, and of course elite and deep backfield support.

He’s still easily a QB1 in all leagues, especially since his running ability will compensate for any passing shortcomings. But yeah, this sucks a lot.