Pictured: Not a small hill.

There are few things in this life Ray Lewis can’t do. So if he wanted to physically move Mount Kilimanjaro to the United States and then climb it, I don’t doubt that would be entirely possible. Alas, he’s become a more modest man in retirement, and he’ll travel to Tanzania instead.

The now former Ravens linebacker announced his intention to climb over 19,000 feet to the Kilimanjaro summit next month. It’s a journey into the skies which will satisfy both his athletic and charitable urges, as his mission is to raise money and awareness for the clean water projects in East Africa (he’s accepting donations through a website, and he’ll be giving away an autographed helmet).

Lewis is only a few months into his post-football life, and he’s already climbing mountains. I give it two years before he’s the first NFL legend to become an astronaut.