Many athletes do the minimal of what’s expected in terms of fan interaction. For some, that may be a symptom of arrogance or selfishness, but I think it’s unfair to apply that broad, negative brush stroke. We’re dealing with humans here, and although a lack of privacy comes with the fame they achieved through unique talents, at some point constantly being asked to do something – sign an autograph, pose for a picture, make a public appearance — has to be draining.

That doesn’t make truly jerk-ish behavior acceptable, but it’s a little more understandable. No two people will respond to fan attention in the same way, and to expect everyone to be the perfect idol isn’t realistic.

But you know, it would be nice if everyone was like Robert Griffin III, because he’s the best.

I’m going to say it: I don’t think any fanbase adores its megastar was much as Redskins fans worship their young quarterback. That was abundantly evident recently when, with his wedding approaching, fans showered Griffin with gifts. It was standard wedding gift stuff, from blenders to spoon holders. But man, there was a lot of it, as Griffin tweeted out a picture of the mountain of boxes toppling over in his living room.

So how did Griffin respond? With a personalized, hand-written thank you note, of course. Did I mention that he’s just the best?

From the D.C. Sports Bog, here’s the note he sent to Keith Elgin, who gave RG3 a $15 welcome mat.


Yeah, the best.