Why start a week off with just one Robert Griffin III post, when you can have two? You know what, screw it, let’s go for seven straight RG3 posts. Maybe we’ll take this even further and declare an RG3 day, or an RG3 week.

Anywho, just after I gave Griffin the biggest bro hug ever, another Griffin-item that’s actually tied to football and is much more important for fantasy purposes (though not remotely surprising) bounced across my screen: he’s cool with playing in Week 1 even if he doesn’t participate in any preseason action.

That’s what he told Mark Maske over the weekend:

“I’ve thought about that and yeah, I would be comfortable with that,” Griffin said after Thursday’s offseason practice at Redskins Park. “That’s all I can say. I have no control over whether I play in the preseason or not. I would be comfortable running out of the tunnel at FedEx Field with the smoke and everything.”

I’m passing this along because it’s a notable quote from an emerging young player, and when healthy he’s one of the highest-producing fantasy options at his position. Despite missing a game and being severely hobbled at the end of the season, Griffin still finished sixth overall in fantasy scoring in 2012 (304 points in standard formats).

So yeah, every nugget of information regarding the state of his knee and his recovery has been and will continue to be followed relentlessly throughout the offseason, because a healthy RG3 could make you a lot of money. But frankly, even though he looked great last week while bouncing around and doing quarterback things in practice, and even though his recovery is seemingly ahead of schedule, it will be surprising if we see Griffin in a preseason game.

Previously I used Adrian Peterson’s training camp last summer as an example of how Griffin will likely be treated in August, and that certainly still stands. The last massive hurdle in Griffin’s recovery is the same one Peterson had to clear last summer: contact. Peterson’s level of practice contact was highly controlled and slowly increased, but he didn’t appear in a single preseason game.

Even if they’re confident in his health and progress, there’s no reason for the Redskins to risk a setback in an entirely meaningless game. Griffin can be exposed to practice contact in a controlled environment, and then wait for the first true and meaningful test in September.