Yes, we expected this. So no, it’s not surprising. We all know that the best surprises come in cereal boxes anyway.

But since the words “carted off” always induce cold sweats and they were in the same sentence as Arian Foster’s name yesterday, and since he’ll be the second overall pick in most fantasy leagues, let’s take a gander at what Gary Kubiak said today to put our minds even further at ease.

Oh gawd a “pretty goood calf strain” isn’t helping. Why Gary why?

Ahhh, that’s…better?

Foster will miss the rest of the Texans’ OTAs, but he’ll be just dandy for training camp. But since he’s been given the most touches over the past three years, every word of caution I wrote yesterday still applies in fantasy drafts.

Despite his often plodding yards per carry in 2012, it’ll be incredibly difficult to resist Foster’s charms with a top five pick. The glow of his 248 fantasy points this past season (15.5 per game) will always shine brighter than the various warning signs of a decline, or at least a disappointing year and therefore poor value (think Chris Johnson).

And that’s fine, really. At worst, the risk/reward balance with Foster is an even fight, which means a high investment is tolerable, but only if you also reach early to secure some insurance in the form of his backup Ben Tate.

Oh and hey, Tate is in a contract year, so there’s that too.