Cam Newton spoke in front of a microphone today. That microphone was mounted on a podium, and that podium was in a room filled with grotesquely overweight men members of the media.

Players do this sporadically during OTAs, because we — their fake team employers — must always know what’s on their mind. How do you feel, Cam? Can you please read my palms and tell me if I’ll be struck by a rogue construction ladder today? Bless us with your almighty words.

Usually, this exercise results in little more than a well-rehearsed back-and-forth volley. The media guy asks a narrative-baiting question, and the football guy gives him the answer he seeks so that everyone leaves satisfied. This is how the hot dog is made, kids.

But today, Newton said something that’s…interesting.

After he informed us that he ate hot wings last night (yeah, I dunno), the Panthers quarterback said he’s lost 12 pounds so far this offseason, bringing his weight down from 255 to 243. It’s a drop in girth he had planned heading into his down time which consists mostly of rising and grinding. We await word as to whether or not he used modern weight loss methods such as those pioneered by Jenny Craig, or if he went old school with the Atkins diet.

This is the second mobile quarterback who’s gone through an offseason body sculpting, with the notoriously brittle Michael Vick going in the opposite direction. For Vick, the need to add some layers was clear. He’s most likely set to be the starting quarterback of an Eagles offense that will now emphasize read-option plays under Chip Kelly, which could leave Vick — who’s missed nine games over the past two years — exposed to more contact.

But for Newton, the drop in bulk is…I dunno. See, being both big and really fast is what makes Newton the Super man he is, and although standing at 243 pounds at a height of 6’5″ is still pretty damn big (for a comparison, the also sort of mobile Robert Griffin III weighs 217 pounds according to, and he’s 6’2″), it’s also a little less big.

If Newton wasn’t essentially used as the Panthers’ goal-line running back, then a drop in weight wouldn’t be a concern. But he is often used in that capacity, and he’ll continue to be. In his rookie year he set the record for the most single-season touchdowns by a quarterback with 14, and although that number dipped to eight last year, it’s still remarkable that he’s recorded 22 scores on the ground over just his first two seasons.

Now with a little less weight he’ll likely have a little more speed, which could lead to more of this…

Which is great, as long as he can still absorb the goal-line pounding and push the pile.

Oh also, this happened today too…

jordan gross

Well played, Jordan Gross. But Aaron Rodgers still leads the league in photobombs.