Jay Cutler has earned the reputation of a dude who just doesn’t care, mostly because on the football field he has one, singular expression which doesn’t reflect much caring on the outside. Fans haven’t taken kindly to this, which is why Smokin’ Jay isn’t the most popular guy.

But after we highlighted Robert Griffin III’s general awesomeness earlier this week when he and his wife-to-be mailed personalized and hand-written thank you notes to the many fans who sent them random household items as wedding gifts (hey, do you need a nutcracker? RG3 has eight of them), it’s only fair to also note that Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are equally thoughtful and nice and stuff. We’re all about fairness.

cutler thank you

That was sent to Where The Athletes Eat, the kind folk who were among many strangers to give the couple a gift through their online wedding registry. This time it was a salsa bowl, and they’re always needed in abundance.

I’m no crime scene hand writing analyst, but I’m gonna reach a little and say that’s not Cutler’s writing. Or at least here’s to hoping it isn’t. But if it is his penmanship, nice heart, bro.

Surely he was busy, um, babysitting (and drinking…and pioneering).

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