A few weeks ago there were real, genuine words written about Tyler Wilson coming in as a fourth-round rookie and passing both Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor on the Raiders’ quarterback depth chart. We all sort of laughed at first, including me a little bit. And then we remembered that mostly, the experience advantage Pryor and Flynn have over the new guy has been isolated to the practice field, as they’ve combined for only three career regular-season starts. Suddenly, Wilson starting seemed much less insane.

Among fantasy fanatics, there was legit fear too, because Darren McFadden has enough of a challenge while attempting to not explode every time he’s tackled. Running behind a rookie quarterback who was drafted during an incredibly weak year for the position? That could be a recipe for a lot of pain.

Never fear. Dennis Allen is here.

Although there’s still a sort of/kind of competition taking place during the Raiders’ OTAs that may continue until at least the beginning of training camp, the Raiders head coach said that right now the starting job is Flynn’s to lose:

“Matt’s our starting quarterback as we go forward right now. and until the competition dictates otherwise, that’s where we’re going.”

Those comments came on Tuesday, the same day that Wilson threw back-to-back interceptions while running the red-zone offense. I know, I don’t care for OTA practice statistics either, and I think they’re mostly useless. But I do care about a rookie who clearly needs time to learn and develop, which is likely an accurate description of Wilson.

The fantasy value of Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford is inherently tied to the guy who’s throwing them the ball. That means any option Allen ultimately chooses is scary given the lack of starting experience throughout his quarterback depth chart. Still, having Flynn under center — who’s shown us brief flashes of great things, or at least competent things — is a little more comforting.

Since I know all of your hopes and dreams are tied to the Raiders quarterback situation, you can now at last get the required amount of healthy sleep.