When a weekend evening escalates quickly, some people have default attire they fall to when it’s within reach. For me in my university prime, it was a full fighter pilot suit. You know, like that one Goose died in. I was the coolest.

For others, no attire is the best attire. Recently after the Ottawa Senators were ousted from the Stanley Cup playoffs, team captain Daniel Alfredsson released his anger with some late night/early morning shirtless ping pong because he’s the best.

We suspected that Von Miller is also the best, mostly because he has a passionate interest in chicken, which is abundantly obvious due to his chicken tattoo, and the poultry farm he started recently just because he can. But with this Memorial Day weekend picture of him throwing it down in Las Vegas that surfaced today, we can now definitively confirm that Von Miller is, in fact, the best.

Real men wear onesies.

von miller onesie

Thanks, The Big Lead