Although I’ll continue to pass along the latest Robert Griffin III muscle twitch in addition to his forays into real estate (for the record, I’d put an elevator in my mansion/man pad too) because he’s a pretty important guy in the effort to win fake football matchups, my optimism for a Week 1 return still remains at a medium level.

But screw realism and stuff. On with the news, because like all knee-related Griffin news, it’s rather uplifting.

Griffin has been jogging for a while, first in a pool, and later on land. Now, he told the Washington Times that he’s been cleared to run full, cross-field sprints. And so the legend grows.

He ran said sprints for the first time Thursday during the Redskins’ latest OTA session, showing that he’s clearly healthy enough and — maybe more importantly — confident enough to put more stress on the knee. And although he still isn’t cutting, the ability to absorb that increased strain is a significant step.

Anyone who’s watched Griffin workout recently in person has returned with a glowing and beaming report. Why, just look at this one…

That’s wonderful, but whether or not he plays in Week 1 will still hinge on the Redskins’ confidence in the knee’s ability to sustain contact, the kind of hard, violent contact which comes with being a mobile quarterback who frequently leaves himself exposed in the open field.

Right now, the progress he’s making leads to the aforementioned fuzzy optimism that Griffin will cross that great divide, and feel fine about having his knee knocked backwards after multiple ligaments were shredded. But at best until we see that contact or hear grand tales about it happening in practice, the odds of a Griffin sighting in Week 1 still feel like a coin flip.