So you’re a marketing guy at a clothing company that specializes in Nike knockoffs, and you’re sitting in a mid-level, and not quite posh office somewhere. You’re all like “how can we manipulate the same tag line Nike has used for like nine decades (not really nine decades) and make it sound cool and fresh so the kids will dig it?’

Then it hits you. You have that Don Draper moment when you’re eyes get all steely, and you don’t blink. You rise from your chair, and stare straight ahead at no one in particular. Your voice rises several octaves, and you mutter something about a carousel that doesn’t really make sense but it’s really convincing because it ties into your crumbling life. Then, you scream it aloud “JUST DO U!”

You’re not sure exactly sure what setting you envision this new attire being worn in, and how it will eventually surface. But this isn’t exactly what you pictured…


No, you’re an offseason Friday.

Thanks, Matt Sebek