I honestly, really tried to go a full day without writing about Rob Gronkowski’s back, and the fantasy implications of his injury. Or just Gronkowski in general. I like you man, I really do. But we need to take a break.

However, NFL Network’s Albert Breer is connected — as most Albert Breer-type media folk are — and he passed along some interesting information regarding Gronk and the recovery he now faces. For those of you who aren’t on the Twitters eight hours a day (*lowers head, shifts slightly in chair to increase blood circulation*) I thought it was worth passing on.

Share your wisdom with us, Albert:


“Mid-June” is still a touch vague, and every week counts right now in Gronkowski’s push to be recovered and ready for Week 1. But if we safely assume that he gets carved up by this Dr. Watkins character during the second week of June, then the 12-week timetable Breer reports regarding the multiple issues Gronkowski is facing (forearm and back) would end during the first week of September, and just days before the Patriots are scheduled to open their season on the road in Buffalo on Sept. 8.

But Breer also notes that’s just the beginning. Once the healing is complete following the surgery, a process to build back the core strength and conditioning required to function as an elite tight end will follow. It’s unclear exactly how long that buildup will take, but this is where some of the late-September projections are coming from. Now we see how he could miss a few regular-season games, and make his 2013 debut in week three or four.

There are a lot of moving parts that have to fall just right here for Gronkowski to be ready for that season opener. The odds of that happening for a guy who’s about to have his sixth surgery over the last 16 months are…unfavorable.