My biggest problem with Tim Tebow right now is that I’m having a hard time caring. I suppose I cared enough to write this post, so that’s something. I just really don’t get why I should care, or why anyone else cares so deeply at this point.

A shoulder shrug should be the reaction to most Tebow news now since he’s been shunned by the league, and unable to get a job as even a third stringer. That’s just reality, a reality that those around Tebow and close to him are finally admitting.

David Fleming wrote a must read piece about Tebow’s relationship with the media (umm, hey Tim), and while arguing that the attention he’s received has contributed to his unemployment (sure maybe, but his inability to complete a forward pass much more regularly has been a far greater factor), Fleming tucked this little nugget away:

Even now, after Tebow cleared waivers unclaimed and with members of his camp privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over, the football world remains as divided as ever over him. It’s nearly impossible to find a teammate who will say anything bad about Tebow as a person — or a scout who will say anything good about him as a player. But the sports masses mostly side with the NFL personnel people. It’s embarrassing and exhausting to discuss him, which makes it official: Tim Tebow has jumped the shark.

I agree with every word of that, especially the parts about the shark jumping, and Tebow being done. An anonymous NFL scout added his view of Tebow’s future which is less than optimistic:

“He’s not a quarterback. When you look at his run two years ago, when you watch the tape and break it down, he wasn’t really doing anything that impressive. He’s a tough guy, a great leader, a great person. But he isn’t a good enough quarterback to have all the distractions that come with him.”

Meanwhile, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said that although it may look bleak right now, Tebow is still hanging on and hacking away. Despite the current pessimism, there’s still a chance that a team somewhere out there will sign him cheaply near training camp, and try their hand at what the Jets attempted last year: make Tebow a gimmick and ask him to run, the only thing he does well.

He can’t start, and he certainly can’t be a traditional backup. You need basic, fundamental skills from your backup which lead to an element of trust to come in off the sideline, or be a temporary solution with an injured starter. As we saw in Denver, for Tebow to be successful he needs an entire offense to be tailored to his very specific and limited abilities, and very few teams are willing to do that long term.

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  2. Let’s see the guy won more playoff games thean Peyton Manning.
    The guy brought a 1-4 team to the playoffs. SO as a starter I think he went 8-5 that year.
    Not many QB’s with a better record.
    Why would no one give him a chance. Do teams like going 2 -14 and not wonder what if I gave a true winner a chance.
    He went 1-1 in playoffs and never started again. Some team NEEDS to give him a chance.

    • He won more playoff games as a Bronco then Manning.

      • My brain bleeds every time I hear this statement, and every time Tebow’s name is in the same sentence as Manning’s (both of them, actually). As a statistic, quarterback wins are absolutely meaningless, and it’s the worst metric you can possibly use to measure a quarterback’s performance. It also hurts any time Tebow is called a “winner”. He led some fine late-game drives in 2011, but he still didn’t win a game. The Denver Broncos won games.

        Now, I’m not asking you to go deep into advanced metrics here either. We can look at something pretty simple, like Tebow’s ability to complete a forward pass. I think we can all agree that’s a fundamental skill, and of his 361 career pass attempts, only 47.9 of them have landed at their desired destination. That’s putrid.

        • hey Tomlinson, I don’t read your stuff often, but I am guessing you are one of these sabermetrics types. “wins are absoulutely meaningless” and the worst metric to use measure a QB.
          In fact wins are the only things that matter. That same Denver team was 1-4 with Kyle Orton who I’m sure the metrics say that he is better then Tebow.
          All of the great QB’s are measure by one stat; WINS and Tebow is a winner and he elevates his teammates play, why can’t you see that.
          All I am saying is that some of the several sad sack teams should give him a chance and if he flops all you sabemetrics people can be proven right and if he wins (which he would) then we are all right.

          • well said Peter, let the play on the field do the talking not the stats.. the guy knows how to win and that is something that can’t be taught.. I would start Tebow over Ponder, Gabbert, Sanchez, Weeden, or any qb on the Buf roster

          • I wouldn’t consider myself a “Sabermetric type”, but I certainly understand advanced metrics because I have a simple curiosity that comes from more than just writing about football. Even as a fan, I want to educate myself on all aspects of the game, and not approach it with a closed mind as you are.

            If you’re saying that Quarterback X is a winner (Tebow, in this case) because he wins games, you’re eliminating a lot of intelligent football conversation. And frankly, that’s depressing.

            You’re saying that only two players on the field can possibly factor into the outcome of a game: both quarterbacks. And you’re entirely disregarding the role a defense played to keep the game close so that the quarterback in question is able to make that game-winning drive. Or the role that a running back played as he kept the clock moving late in a game with a lead to secure a win.

            With Tebow specifically, you’re saying that only he mattered, and that the pass rushing of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil didn’t contribute to the Broncos’ wins, and neither did Willis McGahee’s running. And that’s simply not true.

            Again, Tim Tebow didn’t win any games in 2011. The Denver Broncos won games.

  3. This is a joke. He leads the Broncos to the playoffs, he beats heavily favoured Pit, then gets tossed, manipulated, shirked, shredded by that fat piece of shit Ryan & now no one wants him?

    Maybe he isn’t the greates QB but he does have football skills & why there are no takers is just perplexing. There are a lot of hacks that are playing now without talent yet Tebow sits on the sidelines?

    Gotta be collusion or something going on.

    PS If its a story Tomlinson, you gotta write it.

    • It is a joke that not 1 NFL team can figure out how to properly use a proven winner like Tebow. I thought this league was about winning games especially playoff games but apparently that is just a bunch of hot air. Sparano had his head so far up his ass last year he couldn’t call a decent offensive play and could barely even get the play in on time half the time. It was clear that Rex wanted nothing to do with #15 despite the fact that #15 had beaten his Nyj team in the prior season with a big help from Rex’s beloved #6 throwing his patented pick 6.

      #15 has proven he can win in both the NCAA & NFL and it is sad that these NFL franchises would rather stick with their proven losers at qb. #15 has gotten a raw deal but he will be back, even if it is to just sell seats.

  4. I just dont see why a failing small market team wouldnt give him a shot. He would probably draw fans to the stadium, and who knows what he could do. if it works the GM is a genius, if it fails no big deal.

  5. If Tebow were black we would have been reading about his lack of football smarts (reading d’s, progressions, checkdowns etc). But instead all we hear about are his warrior spirit and the fact that he is a winner. He is a fantastic athlete but he is not an NFL caliber QB. He isn’t smart or skilled enough. Denver did not reach the playoffs because of Tebow. He did not raise the play of those around him, but the opposite, those around him elevated his play.

    Bottom line is if anybody thought he could contribute then he would be snapped up. Hell David Garrard was employed until last week ffs.

    • yes and that is why they were 1 -4 with Kyle Orton.
      And 7- 4 with Tebow, he had nothing to do with it. LOL !!!

      • again if someone, anyone, thought he were capable he would be on a roster. If someone, anyone, thought he was responsible for the Broncos playoff appearance then he would be on someones roster.
        He is not worth the circus that comes along with him.
        He is not good enough.
        Every pass play becomes a broken play because he can’t run a system properly. QBs like that get Coaches and GMs fired. Elway couldn’t wait to get rid of him. You can’t have a QB that makes every 7 step drop a potential pick 6. He’s radioactive.

  6. i wish everyone get off tebow back leave him alone you do not like him, fine but do make him felt next to nothing, there are teams ought there that can not win with good qb,there are teams ought there which crack under pressure like san diego,raiders which cannot play at all,the bengals suck,kansas city suck, to name a few,which have qb,but the team stinks so before you pass judgement on tim tebow,you better look at your own team first, and everyone knows it take time to develop that unique player,leave tim tebow alone

  7. I remember Archie Griffin, won the Heisman a couple times, but his NFL career?…..Tebow may be of the same mold, but it is ingenuous to say someone can’t win at the pro level when they have. The league used to be full of Bobby Douglass and Jim Kapp types who had offenses built around their skill sets, and I think you can make a case Washington’s was built around Griffin III’s. What continues to worry the hell out of me, and believe me, I am NOT religious in the organized sense of the term, is that his fundamental belief system is being held against him. There is no ‘sideshow’ when it comes to Tebow, as there is compared to a Terrell Owens or a Ray Lewis, unless having a bunch of Christians as fans turns you off somehow. Tebow may not continue in the league as a QB, but to say he doesn’t belong in the league as a player is not justifiable purely on measurement of his skillset, anymore than looking at Spud Webb’s height and judging he couldn’t play in the NBA was justifiable.

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