If you didn’t already know, Chris Kluwe is the best, and he reminds us of this indisputable fact almost daily.

The recently signed Oakland Raider calls what he does for a living “professional surrender”, and even though he earns many millions to kick a football a great distance, this is what he does in his spare time…

Oh, and as I’m sure you’ll recall, he also provided some excellent commentary on the CBA negotiations during the 2011 lockout….

kluwe CBA

But it gets better.

Kluwe is arguably more well known as an advocate for gay rights than he is for being a punter. Put it this way: if you asked your wife, mom, and grandmother who Chris Kluwe is, there’s a good chance that you’d go at least two for three there.

That’s why he was given the honor of being invited to President Barack Obama’s reception to celebrate LGBT pride month to be held at the White House on June 13. Clearly, being invited to anything by the President of the United States is a pretty big deal. Unfortunately for Kluwe, he has a professional obligation that day: he has to be at the Raiders’ mandatory minicamp. Because, well, it’s mandatory.

Late last night in an e-mail replying to his invitation, Kluwe handled his schedule conflict in the most Kluwe way possible:

kluwe email