In the latest example that Jim Harbaugh is just the best, he was finally united with Judge Judy earlier this week. He met the leader in televised small claims scowling, and sat in the audience while The Judge ruled on all matters related to stolen DVD players and the like.

It was a truly moving and exciting experience for our boy Jeem, and I mean that seriously. I’d tell you to watch how much he’s beaming and filled with child-like giddiness when speaking to reporters about his Judge Judy visit below, but that’s not what I want you to watch.

No, I want you to pay attention to the part when Harbaugh says he thoroughly enjoys watching people direct traffic.

Watch that, and then watch it again, and make sure you hear this part several times:

“I get a real kick out of watching people who are good at directing traffic do it. Done it, for hours, watched it.”

Really, who among us hasn’t done that for hours upon hours? Of course you’ve watched a man with his humble whistle and/or sign, helping as the world gets where it has to go. At that moment and in that time, he is the controller, and he has power over all who cross through a public passage. Mad respect.

This is a true and deep glimpse into the mind of an elite coach. Anyone who does their job well — anyone at all — and executes it with passion and precision gets respect. If you’re one of those people, Jim Harbaugh will find you, and watch you. Possibly for hours.

Thanks, Sportress of Blogitude