I just realized that it’s been seven whole days since the last time we posted a Robert Griffin III update of any kind, and that ain’t right. During this offseason, that’s criminal.

So, where you at now, oh savior of all fantasy quarterbacking production?

Many media people with cameras, recorders, and writing devices were present during the Redskins’ workout today, which made this day the same as most days. Griffin threw for about 30 minutes after working out with the other injured players. Last week after he started running (though not sprinting yet, which is important), and as his recovery chugs along, we’re left to assume that he could not only play football tomorrow if asked, but he could also beat the Hulk in an arm wrestling showdown.

That’s a little aggressive, but maybe only a little.

When he spoke with the media locusts today, Griffin was asked if he could be ready for Day 1 of training camp. His response? “without a doubt“.

When he says “ready”, Griffin means ready to practice with the first-team offense, which means full participation. In turn, that means cutting, and exploding from a standstill, and sprinting, all things he hasn’t done yet. So although Griffin’s confidence is as encouraging as it is predictable, let’s ease up just a smidge.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan would also like you to control your urges. Shanahan said he likes ambitious goals because of course he does, but he’ll “wait and see” because Griffin still needs to be cleared by team doctors.

For the record, the Redskins’ training camp starts on July 25, which is still seven weeks away. But that time will sail by, and Griffin anticipates doing everything but absorbing contact (which is sort of a big deal) just over six months after shredding his knee.

He is many things, but he might not be human.