I don’t want Ndamukong Suh’s offseason to end. He’s been much more composed and much less blond-haired vixen grabby than Rob Gronkowski, but since the Summer of Gronk was cancelled due to his repeated surgeries, Suh has stepped up his game.

First, he smacked his face off the bottom of a pool for our amusement on an awful television show, and in doing so he also reminded us that gravity is a real thing, and there’s a reason why 307-pound men play defensive tackle. It’s the same reason why every four years during the summer Olympics, the crazy dudes who spin and twist in the diving events are a little, um, skinnier than Suh.

Then he befriended an octopus at a hockey game, because Suh is one with all sea creatures. He also did a few laps on the zamboni, and he returned safely.

But earlier this week Suh had his most boss moment yet during a charity golf tournament on the fist tee…

Fox 2 News Headlines

Similar to his failed diving experience, what you see there is the reason why while golf may be an inviting game for men with a little more (*searches for the politically correct word, winces and hopes he’s found one*) girth, the structural integrity of a driver often just isn’t meant to withstand the kind of power a guy like Suh can generate.

Clubs break. It happens, but most often when they snap, it’s the shaft splitting either in the middle or lower by the head. With Suh, the head just flew right off.

He doesn’t screw around.

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