Chad Johnson is an idiot


I almost wasn’t going to post about this, mostly because we shouldn’t care about Chad Johnson anymore, and I’d rather spend my early June Monday writing about other banal NFL matters. But I couldn’t resist the charm (charm? Yes, charm) of his astounding stupidity.

As you’ll surely recall, there was an arrest warrant issued for Johnson a few weeks ago after he missed a meeting with his probation officer, a routine rendezvous which stemmed from his domestic incident with former wife Evelyn Lozada. Simply showing up for that meeting was apparently far too difficult.

To escape a jail sentence he had reached a plea deal, and that feels like another sort of formality. Famous rich guy dodges jail time, blah blah, whatever. And that’s probably where this story would have ended had it not been for Johnson’s supreme idiocy.

Oh please tell us more, Associated Press:

A plea deal that called for no jail time fell apart Monday. Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh rejected it after Johnson playfully slapped his attorney on the behind in court. McHugh says Johnson wasn’t taking things seriously enough, even after he apologized. McHugh also extended Johnson’s probation for three months.

A detail is missing there, one that’s sort of important. Johnson’s lawyer is a man.

Seriously, this happened. Most people are fully aware that they’ve done something illegal and/or dumb when they’re in court, and they approach the proceedings with the required amount of respect and decorum, hoping they can squirt by with a minimal punishment.

Chad Johnson isn’t most people. He is, and will forever be, a complete idiot.

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  1. Personal Opinion. Yes he was an idiot in this instance and yes has done many things that are idiotic and it’s hard for us to understand because he is rich and all that, but when you were younger think about when you got that first paycheque, guaranteed idiotic purchases were made idiotic things were done. Clearly Chad hasn’t matured past that yet. He’s still in his 30′s always had lots of money that fixes most problems well reality is setting in. I’m sure he’ll figure it out at some point. Saying he will be an idiot forever seems a bit premature, he hasn’t even hit the halfway mark of his life. Glad someone wrote a little article about this because this one situation was a really big fug up.

    • I doubt he’ll be an idiot forever too, and we can only hope. But there’s just absolutely no excuse for this behavior in court from a 35-year-old man.

  2. Yeah I guess its important to note that its a man, but I feel that’s a lot better for him then if his lawyer was a woman..

  3. your just a hater, your writing about his life he doesnt have a clue who the hell you even are! whos the loser ?

  4. Chad is what he is, but this judge sounds like a real a-hole.

  5. The judge clearly pitches a bitch tantrum. Women.

  6. Any player in any sports that commit any crime should be banned from sports.
    There are other good players out there.
    What an example Chad sets on younger kids.
    This should be condoned.

  7. Look at the video … what an idiot !

  8. u guys are all idiots hahaha he has more money than all of you put together times 10. shut up.

  9. Sean you must have written your post when the early reports came out. I noticed that it immediately jumps to the negative towards Chad. But after the two minute TMZ video came out and people could see and judge for themselves the sentiments began to change. People who do not like Chad for internal reasons continue to place all blame on him. But people who just watch the video looking to see what actually happened tend to lean more on the side of the judge abusing her power. Chad was in no way being or intending to be disrespectful. For the entire clip he appears to be pretty nervous and pretty scared. The judge seems to try to loosen up the tightness by complimenting his lawyer at which time Chad agrees with her and then she suggests that he thank his lawyer which he does in a very quick and non-provoking manner. He turns mouths the words “good job” and taps him on the backside. No smile. No disrespect. No clowning. In fact I believe the officers were laughing at the fact that Mr Arrogant big shot Johnson was brought so much that avoiding jail was now as important as winning the superbowl. Before that in is arrogant state he wouldn’t have respected judges or proceedings like this. Now he looked like a scared child. And yes that aspect was funny but not disrespectful. If anything she gets the respect for bringing him to that point. But she misinterpreted the laughter as a something instigated to embarrass her and she lost her temper. Chad may indeed deserve jail time for domestic violence and I am fine with that. But this Judge referred several times to the words “laughing” or “funny”. Neither of which was demonstrated by Chad in any way shape or form. She should have told the courtroom to shut up. But throwing him in jail – because other people found humor in his method of honoring her request to thank his lawyer – is just not right or just.

    • You’re right, I did write this post when the early reports came out Monday morning. Almost immediately, in fact, and long before the video surfaced.

      And after seeing it, I don’t think anyone is right in this situation. The judge overreacted, and while she’s within her rights to scold Johnson if she sees fit, sending him to jail is absurd.

      However, regardless of the mood in the courtroom, Johnson gave her the opportunity to react strongly. For most people in that exact same situation a simple and low key “thank you” or something similar would suffice, but Johnson went for the behind slap.

  10. A judge shaming a celebrity athlete, seems like a showing of authority rather then a display of idiocy. You may be right about Chad being dumb in that incident but I feel she was looking for any reason to send him to jail and he gave her one.

    • You might be right. Again, no one is right in this situation, and there’s a whole lot of idiocy to go around on both sides.

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