There’s a pretty stark contrast between Adam “Pacman” Jones’ two tweets so far on this lovely Monday. Let’s see if you can catch it.

First, there’s this…

Standard and harmless, right? Right. This would be the most generic morning athlete and overall famous person tweet if it wasn’t for the ever-present “RISE AND GRIND”. Bros always be grindin’.

Alright, so what else do you have to share with us today, Pacman?

Oh, cool. So over a 24-hour period we’ve now seen Shawne Merriman rushed to the hospital after an emergency at a club (he’s fine now, and back to fist pumping), another basically retired player in Chad Johnson is going to jail for slapping a man’s rear region (not really…but sort of), and now Jones with his infamous history of disregarding the basic laws of our society has been booked for a still unknown crime.

Welcome to June, everyone.

UPDATE (1:11 p.m. ET): So upon further review, Jones may have indeed been in a pretty difficult situation. ProFootballTalk has the details after speaking with Jones’ agent, Peter Schaffer:

Jones was approached by two women that he deemed to be intoxicated, and they wanted to take a picture with him.  Jones declined.

After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range.  So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing?  Stop it!”

Schaffer says that he has spoken to multiple eyewitnesses who corroborate Jones’ version of the events.  Schaffer also says that the police have spoken to none of the witnesses, other than the two women.

I’m not sure what the generally accepted rules are regarding post beer bottle throwing conduct, but I think searing rage is a pretty natural reaction.

UPDATE (5:05 p.m. ET): Security footage of the incident has surfaced, and while it doesn’t tell the whole story (we have no idea what was said), it arguably paints Jones in a less innocent light.

Jones was understandably not pleased with having a beverage thrown at his head. Fair enough, as I’m sure that’s not an enjoyable experience. But as someone who’s put himself in a few bad situations and has vowed repeatedly to stay away from said situations, he had an easy exit from this one. The beer thrower was on one side of the fence, while he was on the other.