I had read scattered reports from last week’s practices that Robert Griffin III is now sprinting, and cutting, and doing some very explosive things with his surgically-repaired knee that made the folks in attendance forget he has a surgically repaired knee at all. But now Peter King (quick aside: our boy Petey shares a birthday today and forever with Kate Upton…poor Kate, always overshadowed and forgotten) dropped some very specific details in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, adding to the Griffin denim puncturing everywhere.

King was among those who hovered around the sideline last week, observing things between sips of government coffee before departing the practice field to locate a micro-brewed beverage somewhere.

When he watched RG3 as he did very Rg3 things, he came away drooling just as much as everyone else, which is why he’s very much inclined to believe the Redskins quarterback when he talked about being ready for the first day of training camp. But what he witnessed was a massive step forward:

He sprinted without a limp the 53-yard width of the end zone. Then, at nearly full speed, he planted his twice-surgically repaired right knee and pivoted left, up the sideline of the practice field. It wasn’t the planting and cutting he’ll have to do in games, of course. But it’s close. I get zero sense that the team thinks he won’t be ready to play Sept. 9.

That’s a full sprint across a distance which equals just over half the length of a football field, before planting hard on a knee that really wasn’t a knee at all in January, and continuing to sprint up the sideline.

As King notes, that single exercise which was surely repeated doesn’t match the cutting Griffin will have to do during games. And of course, there’s still the matter of facing contact.

But whatever. During every daily Griffin injury update, I’ve sprinkled some cautious words in with the optimism, saying that the road ahead is long with cavernous potholes. That ends here.

Give me my ticket, and put me in first class on the Griffin comeback hype train. Barring an eruption the first time he faces contact, he’ll easily be ready for opening night.