I watched the GIF below earlier this morning. Then I watched it again, and again. And I’m still watching it.

This is my life, and now it’s yours if you want it, because I feel obligated to do my part to ensure that as many Internet eyes as possible land on this piece of artwork by the always amazing LSU Freek.

Alright, now back to the serious matter of discussing the monumental influence of a third-string quarterback, if that exists.

Remember, oh, a little more than 12 hours ago when there was word that Tebow would practice with the tight ends in New England, and therefore he’s open to being more than just a quarterback? That made people like, well, me write that while Tebow can never, ever be a quarterback, at least he can hold on to an NFL career if he’s willing to be moved around, and have his raw athleticism utilized more creatively.

Yeah, about that…

I don’t really believe this, as it’s likely some Patriots spin being fed to the most mainstream of all the mainstream media voices. Even if we note that Tebow may not even be with the team in two months and he was signed to a two-year contract with zero risk because it came with zero guaranteed money, trying to force him into being a quarterback and only a quarterback seems downright senseless.

This is an experiment by Bill Belichick, just like the many he’s conducted before which involve a discarded veteran who can be had on the cheap (Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth are recent examples). But forcing Tebow into continuing down a failed path dooms this experiment before it even begins.

I just can’t believe it’s true that Tebow will only be a quarterback, because he’ll sit and rot behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett, and he’ll then be cut by the end of August. Belichick is smarter than that. I think.