There’s some zany times every year during Super Bowl week, a week that’s at its zaniest when well-meaning members of the media are forced to fight off drunk zombie-like people with intense investigative questions about sexually transmitted diseases. Good times are had by all.

But during the daytime before the auditions for the Walking Dead begin, there’s usually a different kind of wild and crazy times. That’s when the host city aims to promote good ol’ wholesome family entertainment with something unique you’ll never see again in your life and it’s the greatest thing ever. Two years ago in Indianapolis the main event was a zip line which sent eager thrill seekers, well, zipping over a vast distance. There were screams filled with glee and/or terror, because zip lines are awesome.

So, what do you have ready for us in 2014, New York? Next February we’ll watch the first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl, and that will either be just the best or just the worst, and nothing in between. I already know this, though: I want to slide down the giant toboggan hill now now now now now now.

From Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, here’s the artist’s rendering of the hill that will be planted in the middle of what’s being dubbed Super Bowl Boulevard. WANT…

super bowl hill