To be fair, Darnell Dockett already scared me. Any large football bro who says things like “I’m just a guy who’s trying to get an alligator” lives in a far different reality than you and I.

Really, deep down he’s just a fun dude who publicly, um, expresses his loving affection for Katherine Webb because why the hell not. That makes his beerability pretty high.

But on the football field he’s now one of the scariest man-like things out there. I’m not even sure he’s human anymore. He’s some sort of experiment, and a cross breed with a Star Wars bounty hunter and Bane.

That’s the new mask Dockett wore for the first time during a fan event Tuesday, when Cardinals fans were invited to watch minicamp practice. Justin Tuck has a similar mask, with the purpose of those menacing diagonal bars being to prevent blockers from getting their fingers — incidentally or not — inside the mask, which could twist the head and lead to a neck injury.

So sure, it serves a purpose, and a good one. Still, I’m pretty sure Dockett will now eat quarterbacks, as simply sacking them has become far too…human.