ahmad bradshaw hands2

I hesitate to make too much of this, even though that’s never stopped me from noting something that’s notable before. So I’ll just toss it out there, and if you don’t like it, you can toss it right back: six months after his latest foot procedure, Ahmad Bradshaw is still in a walking boot.

That’s the (bad) word from the Indianapolis Star, with Mike Chappell observing that the newly signed Bradshaw will be easy to spot at the Colts’ minicamp today, partly because he’ll be standing still and not doing much, but mostly because of the large boot on his foot.

Short term, this likely means little unless Bradshaw has some kind of complication during the last stages of his recovery before training camp begins in about six weeks. Bradshaw insists he’ll be fine for the opening of camp on July 27, a guarantee echoed by head coach Chuck Pagano.

But like all lingering June injuries somewhere on the body of a player who’s scared us far too many times (think Trent Richardson, or DeMarco Murray), Bradshaw has lost the privilege of having his forced foot fashion completely overlooked. It serves as a reminder of what we discussed yesterday when his signing became official: between Bradshaw and Vick Ballard, the Colts’ backfield could become a fantasy mess.

It’s remarkable that despite his poor injury luck, Bradshaw has missed only six games over the past three years. That’s great, and he deserves a slow clap. But he remained available as a free agent so late into the offseason because he’s had three surgeries on his right foot over the past three years, in addition to procedures on his left foot and both ankles.

That’s some serious potential for wobbly wheels, and a lot of motivation for the Colts’ current caution with Bradshaw to continue into the regular season, leading to a platoon with Ballard. Bradshaw will likely be on the high side of that time share, but only narrowly at first.

I think we all know this, and you’ll act appropriately when you’re drafting your 37th fantasy team in August. Yet still, this is happening right now…

Hype is a hell of a drug.