Today has been a day of discovery, and we’ve learned so much about the coaches of the NFL and what they’re passionate about. Specifically, Pete Carroll is a strong supporter of the American military, but he may or may not believe 9/11 was a real thing. Alright then.

Meanwhile, new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has another matter he feels strongly about, and he had a rather interesting way of articulating his views:

That’s his stance on pre-practice stretching, which seems like an odd opinion for a man who leads a group of athletes. I’m far removed from my days as a world class Skee Ball player, but I believe it’s customary for athletes to stretch prior to strenuous exercise, and get the muscles they use to do crazy amazing things properly limber.

This is why most teams presumably have an organized stretching period before practice, because dedicating a few minutes to doing snow angels on the field is a pretty easy preventative maintenance measure to avoid hammy pulls and other such strains.

Arians will not tolerate that nonsense. Stretch on your own time, Cardinals peasants.

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  1. Normally there are not guns on a football field though, right? This philosophy, and the reasoning behind it, are incredibly stupid.

  2. Agreed his rationale is pretty dumb, but there really is not much in the way of evidence to suggest that stretching actually works to avoid injury (see below).

    • We could debate the merits and drawbacks of active/dynamic stretching pre- and post-exercise, and probably be able to cite articles defending both sides of the coin; I agree it is not a simple answer to what is optimal physical prep for sport. Regardless, I doubt Arians would have any clue what we were talking about, and his reasoning is indicative of the ol’ tough guy mentality of football. It’s idiotic, asinine, and all the other synonyms for stupid you can find. If I was a Cardinals fan I would be livid that the HC thinks this way about stretching, and practice preparation overall.

  3. I thought it had become fairly common knowledge that stretching before physical activity did nothing to prevent muscle injuries. The idea now is to run around (not at 100%) getting properly warmed up and then maybe do a little stretching before jumping into competition.

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