Two years ago during the holiday season I did a weekly post in which I scoured the deepest, dark, and dangerous depths of eBay to help you find a gift for the football fan in your life. Oh, the adventures we had, and I’m still waiting on that Lynn Swann Hi-C can.

I learned something through that exercise: holy crap there’s a lot of random NFL team-related merchandise and collector’s items that exist. I know, that seems like obvious knowledge, but you really need to spend a few hours of your life clicking through the obscure items people want to sell to truly understand. I have no idea why you’d ever do that (yes, this is my life).

That’s why when I saw what the fine folks over at Buffalo Rumblings unearthed this morning when they asked their readers to send in pictures of random merchandise, I wasn’t surprised. But oh, I was amused.

This is the sparkling gem: a glass buffalo stomping a dolphin, and it’s autographed by Jim Kelly.

glass buffalo

Every team needs something like this, though I’m not sure how you’d depict the Steelers/Ravens rivalry. Maybe just keep it simple with a raven taking a precision crap on a bro who’s wearing a Big Ben jersey, and drinking Natty Light.