fitz ince

Larry Fitzgerald’s idea of a vacation is…different.

Hello kind readers. I hope you’re enjoying a fine sunny Saturday filled with the many beverages of the season, and as you’re checking in now briefly to see what you could have possibly missed around the NFL on a mid-June weekend, you’re delighted to see the story of Vladimir Putin pwning Robert Kraft. This league is truly filled with endless treasure.

But alas, you’ll have to enjoy that bottomless pit of comedy without me for a brief time. This is me telling you that I’m taking a little vacation away from a job in which I write about football.

I’m escaping to a far off Ontario mountain destination few men have traveled, and I’ve only packed enough supplies for three nights. If you guys don’t hear from me by Wednesday morning — when regular daily content will resume, god willing — then send help.

Surely nothing will happen in my absence on a Monday and Tuesday in June, right? Hmmm, let’s look back at this past Monday:

Welp, OK then. See ya later.