There are fantasy implications connected to the ongoing Aaron Hernandez debacle which now includes a cell phone in many tiny pieces, and a very clean house. Very clean.

But there’s still a lot of confusion and murky details, which means his potential punishment — both from Roger Goodell’s law, and the real laws which govern our society — is also hazy. And that’s why we’ll wait to discuss any fantasy implications in depth until there’s a little more clarity. Oh and also, a man was murdered, so jumping into fantasy talk immediately seems a little cold.

None of that stopped Jaleel White. Oh, you don’t know who that is? Perhaps a little visual recognition will help…

That’s right, the man formerly known as Urkel has some wisdom to share. Unfortunately and oddly, I can’t take him seriously without his suspenders and glasses.

But hey, whatever. What say you, Urkel?

So with Hernandez maybe set to play football somewhere else for a while and Rob Gronkowski filled with surgical knife holes, the pioneer of the finest early 90′s catch phrase thinks Jake Ballard should be moving way up all fantasy draft boards. Pro tip, and you heard it here first.

Ballard shared White’s optimism with the world through a retweet, which is when USA Today’s Mike Garafolo correctly observed that it’s officially June in the NFL when Urkel is handing out fantasy advice. White was displeased, and advised the bald sportswriter to proceed to the nearest Walgreens where he can purchase some Rogaine.

And now it really is June in the NFL. Officially.