I needed a fun and cheerful football item in my life that doesn’t contain Aaron Hernandez’s name. So thank you for being awesome, Vladimir Putin.

Surely you recall a week ago when the New York Post told us the story of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stealth thievery in which he punked Patriots owner Robert Kraft in 2005, taking his Super Bowl ring. That’s his $25,000 ring which commemorates the NFL’s highest accomplishment.

At a recent appearance Putin was surprised to be asked about the jewel he took for mother Russia (shortly after Kraft publicly said it was a “gift”, and it’s now being kept in a special Kremlin library). His response is pretty much the most Russia response ever.

From AFP (via Josh Katzowitz):

“You know, I do not remember either Mr. Kraft or the ring,” Putin said.

“They handed out some sorts of souvenirs. But if it is such a valuable thing to Mr. Kraft and his team, I have a proposal,” said Putin.

“We will ask our enterprises to craft a really good, noticeable thing — so it is clear that it is expensive, made of a good metal, with a rock — so that this jewel is passed on from generation to generation in the team whose interests Mr. Kraft represents.

“I think that this would be the most intelligent… solution to such a difficult international problem,” Putin said with a hint of a smile.

This story doesn’t mention that Putin was wearing the ring and stroking his chin. What a boss.