When we last checked in with Aaron Hernandez Saturday, police were searching his home and property, and we learned that his dog lives quite lavishly. Prior to that on Friday there were reports that he’ll be charged with obstruction of justice and a paper warrant had been drafted, though it still hasn’t been issued yet. Fun times for all.

Now there are divers taking a pleasant June swim in the water near Hernandez’s home, and according to ESPN’s Rich Hollenberg, they have metal detectors too for a search of the wooded area surrounding the pond. What exactly they’re looking for remains unclear, just like most of the details around this case. If you’re the speculating type (I’m not at all so please don’t sue me, thanks), your first thought should be the murder weapon, with the local authorities searching the water to see if the gun was ditched.

As always, we’ll pass along more information if/when it surfaces. It’s now been a week since Odin Lloyd’s body was first found, and the investigation feels like it’s far from over. And with each passing day, the question of what the Patriots will do about a month from now when their training camp begins looms larger.

One month isn’t long in the legal system, and if Hernandez is indeed eventually charged with obstruction of justice, that’s the same charge that has followed Ray Lewis, and he didn’t miss a single game of the 2001 season.

UPDATE (2:04 p.m. ET): Police returned empty-handed after a search of the pond and wooded area near Hernandez’s home, according to USA Today.

Staying consistent with the theme of the past week, police were rather vague when asked for any detail at all. There were six officers in total, two of which were in wet suits and diving the deepest depths of the pond in question, while the others patrolled the surrounding area with metal detectors.

When asked what they hoped to find, one investigator said, “evidence.” When asked if they had found any, he responded, “no, no evidence.” The investigator requested anonymity because, he said, he wasn’t authorized to speak about the case.

When asked about the pond, he said, “That’s already been cleared.”

For those keeping score, a pond and a dog mansion are now included in the areas cleared.