I’m not meaning to put myself into the middle of an (AHEM) measuring contest here, but the photo evidence clearly shows there’s at least a marginal difference between the attendance at each championship parade in question.

Notice that Baltimore’s parade has several more people. Several.


URGENT UPDATE: It seems the Ravens are rather selective in their choice of images. You should probably sit down for this: not everything you see on the Internet is the truth (!!!).

Now since I know that not every troll job or meme is giving me the facts and only the facts, I’ll have to question the state of all worldly affairs every time I see grumpy cat, and especially that jerk Willy Wonka. Thanks a lot, Ravens.

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  1. Miami isn’t a sports town. Thats common knowledge, Also they won 2 years in a row so they’ve gotten tired of it already lol. Plus that’s the last time most people in Baltimore were gonna see Ray Lewis. Also Baltimore has the O’s who haven’t won a thing since ’83 and the Ravens so again what else is there to care about. Dolphins, Marlins, Panthers, and Heat. Miami is for CSI and beaches

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