This is Aaron Rodgers.

Be afraid, remotely famous Aarons everywhere. Be so very, very afraid.

On Wednesday when he was participating in the 24-hour Aaron Hernandez watch that’s now lasted for, oh, 10 days, ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap had a rather unfortunate moment when his tongue was tied in several knots. Let’s see if you can catch it…

Aaron Rodgers = Green Bay Packers quarterback

Aaron Hernandez = former New England Patriots tight end who’s now awaiting his murder trial, and he maybe killed two more people while shooting another guy in the face

So yeah, I can see why our friend Mr. Rodgers was a little displeased.

Now in fairness to Schaap, tongue slippings happen, and your chances of a word fumble or three increase drastically when it’s your job to say words on television for a living, and often do it for extended periods of time. That’s pretty much what Schaap said too when he responded in a tweet by saying that his Aaron swap wasn’t his first slip of his career, or even his career that day.

Alright then, fair enough, and usually that’s where this little story of language malfunction would end. But oh, ESPN’s Mike Golic couldn’t let Schaap have the burning spotlight all to himself.

Rodgers should actually take this as a compliment, as the virus of Aaron Freudian slips proves that he is the supreme leader and dictator who rules over all Aarons everywhere. He is forever in our minds, and capable of influencing action. We must fear him.

Oh and also, this person exists…

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