Earlier this week Mark Sanchez was caught with his pants down. No, that’s not a bad joke. Behold, the butt cheeks of the Sanchize…

sanchez owens

When it comes to the creative art of dancing, I’m very much the whitest white guy. But if this is how you throw a dance party, I’m all in, because everything except for the rear region exposure sounds like a great time. Girls, wine, and fist pumpin’.

Anywho, today we’ve learned that amazingly, the cheek jiggling above isn’t Sanchez’s first dance-a-thon. What’s more troubling is that he may be a sort of Frank the Tank, just presumably with much less alcohol tolerance.

Erik Ainge, a former Jets quarterback, spoke to Metro News New York, and told the tale of Sanchez’s love of streaking which almost led to his posterior getting Internet time three years ago.

According to Ainge, in a Metro exclusive, a similar incident almost happened four years ago when, following a big Jets home win in 2009, Ainge was a part of a postgame party at Sanchez’s condo. After several drinks, things began to get silly and Sanchez, whose girlfriend was at the party, decided to go streaking in his own condo. As the clothes came off, Ainge remembers the cell phone of a female partygoer popping up to capture the dash of the Jets’ rookie quarterback for posterity.

Ainge rushed over, smashed the cell phone and destroyed the evidence. Sanchez paid for the damages, but what could have been more damaging would have been for the video to come out. In light of this week’s “Butt Video” that surfaced on TerezOwens.com, it sheds some light on a player who apparently has struggled with making proper judgments.

The last line there is probably a little rich, though perhaps repeatedly exposing yourself at parties isn’t the most intelligent move for a guy who plays quarterback in New York. Perhaps.

During a week that’s been, well, a little rough for the NFL with a premier tight end accused of taking a life and he’s now under investigation for the murder of two others, Sanchez has gracefully provided comic relief. Twice.

In a normal offseason (or at least as normal as they can possibly get in the NFL), we’d scrutinize Sanchez for a week or two, and question his dedication to football over a few stupid pictures. Sure, that’s still happening, but it’s much quieter.

In the future, let’s hope butt exposure is as bad as the bad news gets between February and August.