I can only imagine that for people who don’t spend 10 hours a day fully immersed in Twitter and its infinite revolving door of information followed by penis jokes followed by Tebow jokes followed by penis jokes followed by information and then by boob jokes, getting started on this foreign technology can be a little daunting.

That’s especially true if you’re a famous athlete, or if you’re about to be a famous athlete. Like, say, Tavon Austin, the Rams’ first-round pick this past April who will catch many footballs from Sam Bradford.

But as a young man who’s about to start his career in a profession where he’ll be lucky to still be employed by the age of 35, and he’s also in a league which says hahaha to fully guaranteed contracts, Austin is certainly aware that cash through appearances in commercials and other such marketing is the sweetest tasting cash.

Every little bit of exposure helps to that end, and showing some personality through various funny tweets about rising and grinding is easy. However, while speaking to a group of America’s elite high school players at Nike’s “The Opening” Monday, Austin told a cautionary Twitter story about his misdeeds during just the opening days of his NFL career.

From Larry Brown Sports:

“Three strippers followed me, I followed them back,” Austin told the high schoolers. “Next thing I know I’m in the GM’s office. Now I’m off Twitter.”

Austin was just trying to be a gentleman by making an online connection with a member of Team Bootylicious. Unfortunately, it seems befriending women who take their clothes off for a living isn’t an accepted league practice among front offices. Good to know.

Austin is still quite active on Twitter, so maybe he meant to say that he was given a Twitter grounding, and sent to bed with no phone.