We took a day off yesterday to celebrate the birth of the great nation of Canada. For any or our American friends who aren’t familiar with Canada Day traditions, historically it’s a time when we ensure that all the elements are in place for a successful maple syrup harvest, and we take unique measures to monitor the beaver population.

Oh, and we also drink many drinks at various docks while discovering that falling off a giant floating banana at speeds that such sea-going vessels are not designed to sustain is something less than enjoyable. Basically, it’s just like July 4 down in the US of A, just much more Canadian-y.

I suppose I could have noted my absence yesterday, as I’m sure I was missed dearly and there was much angst over this dead space. Please accept my deepest apologies.

But hey, it’s July now, guys. That means it’s officially less than a month until training camps start to open, and it means we can start talking about fantasy football without sounding like crazed degenerates, although that’s what we are and always will be. We’ll get to football things shortly, but I can’t think of a better way to begin a (shortened) week than with an artistic version of Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble.

This video has now done what fun Internet things do: it’s gone viral, as the kids say. So I’ll help with that worthy cause.

Behold, the Sanchez butt fumble silent film…