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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s a day when another detail of Aaron Hernandez’s past will emerge and remind us that he’s a horrible person. And it seems that 2007 was an especially scummy year for the former Florida Gator who was once in the virtuous presence of Tim Tebow.

Yesterday afternoon the latest Hernandez dirtbag evidence came in the form of a busted eardrum. Yes, a punch from Hernandez is capable of causing that damage, even one from a 17-year-old Hernandez who really didn’t want to pay for his drinks at a Gainesville establishment. The damaged ear belonged to a security guard who attempted to show him the door and may or may not have been all up in the former tight end’s grill. Tebow tried to stop the fight, but failed, and charges were never filed because the only entity more disgusting than Hernandez is college football. Neat.

Alright then, so are you ready for today’s fun? Of course you’re not. But here we go…

From Outside The Lines:

Authorities in the Massachusetts murder case against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez have reached out to the police in Gainesville, Fla., in hopes of determining if Hernandez had any role in a 2007 shooting that left two men wounded, a source with knowledge of the murder investigation told ABC News. One of the men was shot in the back of the head.

The shooting occurred when Hernandez was a freshman, and both Corey Smith (the 28-year-old who was shot in the back of the head) and Justin Glass, who was shot in the arm, were left wounded. The two were at a stop light a few blocks away from a nightclub when their car was fired upon. Randall Cason, the third person in the car, was unharmed.

Cason was then a witness, and although several other witnesses maintained that the shooter was black, here’s the description he gave police:

Cason, then 20, told police that shooter was a “Hawaiian” or “Hispanic” male who had a large muscular build, stood about 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4, weighed about 230 or 240 pounds and had a lot of tattoos. Cason said there was also a black male with the shooter, and Cason identified the black male as Reggie Nelson, a former Florida Gator who was a rookie with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nelson, in an interview with the Gainesville police, said he had been at the nightclub earlier but denied he was even on the same street as the shooting.

There were five quick shots from a handgun pointed at the front right window after the shooter approached the vehicle, according to the police report, and the shooter is again identified as “the Hawaiian”.

Nelson and Hernandez had been at The Venue nightclub with Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, and Cason allegedly stole a necklace which belonged to one of the twins. Prior to that, Cason’s brother had an altercation with some Florida football players.

Two days after the shooting, both Hernandez and Nelson were cleared as suspects. However, the police report noted that Hernandez declined to speak with the authorities nine days later, invoking his right to counsel. Also, on Oct. 9, Cason rescinded his original statement that a “Hispanic or Hawaiian” was the shooter along with Nelson. Mmmm, smells like fish.

UPDATE (10:40 a.m. ET): About 10 minutes after I passed along the latest Aaron Hernandez possible murder details above, the Gainesville Police Department issued this statement…

The Gainesville Police Department is aware that members of the national media are reporting on GPD Case 02-07-020053, a shooting investigation from an incident report obtained from sources outside of the Department.  The stories also mention that Massachusetts law enforcement agencies have contacted the Gainesville Police Department about the investigation.

The Gainesville Police Department has not been contacted by any other law enforcement agency about this incident.  The Gainesville Police Department has not released any incident report concerning this case, due to it being an open criminal investigation.  Any alleged reports currently circulating may or may not be accurate, since the Gainesville Police Department did not release any reports.  The origin of these alleged reports is unknown.

So yeah, I dunno.

Maybe the original report is completely bunk, and the cops in Gainesville really haven’t been contacted by any of their brothers in blue to the north. Or maybe — and I know I’m reaching here — Gainesville police will always and forever protect the sacred college football players who walk the streets of their town, because it’s their sworn duty.