You don’t remember Lance Easley by name, mostly because in our busy lives, mental memory real estate for such meaningless information is scarce. Knowing that little Sally has a dance recital tonight is much more important than the name of a replacement referee.

But although you may not recognize Easley’s name, you certainly know what he did. This…

Easley is the fellow who rather hilariously called the conclusion of that play a touchdown. There was outrage, disgust, profanity, and then the end of the replacement officials due to their incompetence. Easley’s blown call gave the locked-out referees the ultimate leverage, and they were back on the field the following week.

Easley may now be attempting to do exactly what any fine American citizen would do: try to turn his tomfoolery into money through being publicly visible. Emphasis there is on attempt, and his first appearance was at Richard Sherman’s charity softball game yesterday where he executed the finest Packers troll job in Internet history by posing for this picture alongside Golden Tate…

But oh, it gets better. When he spoke to the assembled media, Easley dutifully stood by his convictions and said that even after watching multiple replays, he stands by his touchdown call.

Never admit failure, Lance. It’s the ultimate sign of weakness.