NFL players do interesting things during the offseason when they’re not occupied with football stuff, exotic activities that mere mortals like you and I only see in those lottery commercials that taunt us with all the money. Zoltan Mesko went fish hunting with a harpoon or something, and Larry Fitzgerald climbed small icebergs. See, normal stuff.

Titans running back Chris Johnson is evidently in Mexico, a place where he’ll find plenty of sun, and the finest tequila his small mountain of money can purchase. He’s also found friendly fish who are willing to eat his dead skin. Neat?

If we as people have made the decision to allow fish to clean us, then where does the cleansing power of creatures end? This is dangerous, as I fear some kind of snake usage is next.

Also, what say do the fish have in all of this? If they have any thoughts at all, they surely can’t be thinking “a giant foot in my home? SWEEEET”

Then again, yes, maybe that’s exactly what they’re thinking.

Thanks, Juan Elway