Yesterday, the Cincinnati Bengals signed Carlos Dunlap to a long-term extension, securing the defensive end for the next six years at the tidy sum of $40 million. He’s only 24 years old, and he’s therefore long from his peak. So if he plays through the life of the contract at this rate (both unlikely things due to possible injury and the desire for a restructured deal if he outperforms the contract…but hey, work with me here), the Bengals are receiving a pretty sweet bargain with his average annual earnings at only $6.7 million.

That number is slightly more than what Sammy Baugh made in 1940…

sammy baugh

The hall of fame quarterback’s contract he signed 73 years ago was shared on the Interwebs by the Redskins yesterday. Yes, there’s some degree of inflation at play here, but with the dollars tossed around now every March, it’s still a little staggering to think there was a time in human existence when a whole dollar was the going rate for football employment.

If you look close at the fine print, Baugh didn’t even receive that dollar in its entirely immediately after each game. He was paid 75 cents after the game, and the remaining 25 cents at the end of the season. Oh, and would you like to be paid for those meaningless exhibition games, Mr. Baugh? Ha, the more things change, the more they something something.