smokin jay

We mostly know Jay Cutler as being two things: a Chicago Bears quarterback, and a man who looks like he gives very few craps about anything. Sometimes he’s both of those things at the same time.

The latter Cutler character has given us some hilarity, most notably when he expressed his displeasure using profane sign language while walking his teacup-sized dog. There’s also smokin’ Jay Cutler, and that time he sat idly by while bros took pictures of his future wife’s hind region. All apathy at its finest.

So when Cutler and said wife Kristin Cavallari took on the talk show circuit to promote an 80′s party they’re hosting as a fundraiser for the Cutler Foundation, it was assumed that more boredom-based comedy would be found in abundance. That seemed inevitable when Cutler found himself on a couch with a gaggle of gossipy women, as he did below on something called Access Hollywood.

But then a remarkable thing happened: Cutler showed that he’s a real human boy. He’s just a guy who watches re-runs of Laguna Beach and The Hills, that’s all.

Thanks, Bear Goggles On