Busy times here in late July, Kids. With training camps opening throughout this week (indeed, two have already started, and oh gawd what’s happening with Lamar Miller?) we’ll get a constant stream of wondrous news regarding this player being fine and healthy, while this player is still straight screwed.

While I was assessing the impact of Von Miller’s reported Molly popping, two pretty important injury notes surfaced. So let’s catch up on the fantasy importance of those delicious nuggets with a bite-sized and very edible format…

Robert Griffin III has been cleared to practice: The day is finally upon us. After months of monitoring each RG3 muscle twitch which reached the height of ridiculousness when we observed how good he is at public jumping jacks, all is well with the league’s newest favorite alleged sexter. Just a few days after there was real and legitimate concern that he’d start training camp on the PUP list, Griffin tweeted that he’s been cleared to fully practice with his Redskins offense, a massive hurdle only six months after his reconstructive knee surgery.

That boom you just heard which left a sizable dent in the Earth’s crust was Griffin’s ADP rising abruptly. For those of you who embrace and smother risk with all your love, Griffin’s injury and whatever uncertainty still lingered presented one of the rare times when holding an early draft actually would have been beneficial. In some leagues his ADP was hovering around 75th overall, an area where even those who live and die by the late-round QB strategy would have been tempted, as that’s tremendous value for a quarterback who finished sixth overall in fantasy scoring despite missing a game, and being severely hobbled in two others.

Trent Richardson is practicing: And maybe he’ll finally start to do Trent Richardson things consistently now. Or, even better, maybe he could somehow avoid being horribly unlucky, and only at that point will those who grasp at low-hanging fruit stop assuming he’s injury prone.

Either way, the first major step has happened, as earlier today Mark Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that Richardson’s recovery from an offseason shin injury has reached its conclusion, and he check-in early for training camp last week with the rookies. He’s now practicing “full-go“, which is the best kind of practicing.

Since there are those who foolishly don’t embrace a certain degree of inherent risk in fantasy football, there’s still a chance that for a brief time you could be able to buy Richardson at a slight bargain price. His current ADP in ESPN leagues is 10.2, meaning there’s a possibility he could fall into the second round. Richardson will surely be ridden hard early with Josh Gordon suspended, and getting an RB1 who will receive an abundance of touches in the second round is a nice early-draft snipe.