Hopefully by now you’ve said a final farewell to your loved ones. Five months is a long time, but I’m sure the replacement husband/wife/mother/father you hired will be more than suitable. Football Sundays are upon us, which is a glorious thing.

After a few days dealing with some horribly timed personal obligations, I’ve returned, and will be with you from now until approximately February 2. We’re doing something a little different on Sundays here at the ol’ blogspace, and it goes a little like this: I’ll watch while you watch and observe and analyze and critique and other stuff, and then while you’re sleeping I’ll write. Then you’ll wake up and see a thorough detailing of all the fantasy Foosball happenings throughout this wondrous day.

I’ll still check in sporadically during the day though, and especially with some last-minute roster decisions. Sort of like this…

Don’t get cute with Roddy White

I realize White’s situation is terrifying. Throughout the past few weeks we obviously knew he was injured since he was missing practice time and preseason action, but the assumption was that he wouldn’t miss the Falcons’ season opener against New Orleans, mostly because missing a game isn’t something he’s ever done before. Over his eight NFL seasons White has battled throughout various injuries just like, well, any NFL player, but he’s played 128 straight games.

Initially this morning there were scary reports that he could be inactive, including one from PFT which placed his chances of being benched at about 80 percent. Now of course we know he’s active, but the fear still remains that he’ll be ineffective, and possibly a decoy (insert obligation Bobble Miles reference). On NFL Network, Ian Rapoport said White is dealing with significant discomfort while battling through his ankle sprain, and he could therefore be restricted.

Your play? Nothing. Again, there’s reason for concern, but in a standard 12-team league you likely spent a late second-round pick on White, or maybe an early third rounder. At that price, the decision really is this simple: if White is playing in reality, you’re playing him in fantasy.

Looking a little deeper, you also have to consider White’s value over any replacement player, even if he’s playing at, say, 75 percent. In a league with standard depth, the WR4 you’re probably hauling off your bench to replace a wideout who has 37 catches and 582 yards against the Saints over five games with Matt Ryan as his quarterback is of much lesser quality. Most likely, you’re picking from the likes of Michael Floyd, Vincent Brown, or Alshon Jeffery, and other similar lower tier receivers selected around the ninth round who will have fine seasons for that price, but their one-week ceiling isn’t nearly as high as even a hobbled White.

Joique Bell is still your PPR flex sleeper

Since he has the speed of a turtle stuck in cement, we weren’t very worried about Mikel Leshoure to begin with in Detroit, and we knew that Joique Bell is the main backfield hand behind Reggie Bush. But now that Leshoure is inactive, Bell’s role and value increases, especially in PPR leagues.

Yes, Bush will get plenty of touches both through the air and on the ground. But Bell will still see his share in an offense that asked Matthew Stafford to throw 727 times last year, as he’s emerged as a player who has demanded usage through his preseason play. He averaged 6.9 yards per carry in August, with 91 yards on seven catches. If you stashed Bell with a late-round pick in a deep-ish PPR league, he’s a fine flex option.

Oh, and one more note on the Leshoure depression: damn…