Are you fan enough?

w640xh480_New-Airstream-setup3-02Made possible by Pepsi.

What does it mean to be a fan? The question has been asked countless times, and it almost always leads to an insufficient answer. Any explanation relying on mere words is destined to fail because such a large part of being a fan relies on emotions and experiences that are only lessened by attempts to quantify, qualify or define.


Being a fan is about those indescribable moments. It’s the elation of victory. It’s the horrible feeling of loss. It’s the hopeful and dreadful anticipation of both.

It might look like this:

TENESSA GO DEFENSE! 25 from Pepsi Fan Enough on Vimeo.

Or maybe, like this:

KIDDOS GO DEFENSE! JETS 54 from Pepsi Fan Enough on Vimeo.

It’s not something that’s easily captured by a sentence or two.


From now until November 3rd, Pepsi and the NFL are bringing the Pepsi Fan Enough mobile tour to stadiums across the country. At each stop, fans will have the opportunity to show what being a fan means to them and rally their team by starring in their very own custom video.


Participating fans might even get the chance to see their video on the big screen at their local stadium, leading tens of thousands of other fans in cheering on their team.

After all, that’s part of what’s rewarding about being a fan. Whether your team wins or loses – whether you’re made happy or sad by their results – your fandom makes you a part of something bigger.

So, now, when someone asks you what it means to be a fan, you can point at something like this:

GIANTS 61 ZACH GET LOUD! from Pepsi Fan Enough on Vimeo.

The Fan Enough Mobile Tour Schedule

September 29th: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns.

October 6th: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins.

October 13th: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys.

October 20th: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers.

November 3rd: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers.

If you can’t make it out to a stadium to record a video, you can still sign up for Pepsi Experience Points and win #FanEnough prizes by clicking here.