Foles post game2

It’s pretty easy to anoint Nick Foles the Eagles’ starting quarterback for the rest of this season. No, that’s not just easy, it’s downright logical after his 10 touchdown passes over the past two weeks with zero interceptions, a feat of strength only he and Tom Brady have accomplished. He also did that with a yards per attempt of 13.8, which is…good. It’s pretty good.

But it’s also easy to forget that despite his recent brilliance, only a short time ago Foles face planted so hard there’s still an indent somewhere. In Week 7 during a favorable matchup against the Cowboys, Foles was wayward and scattered, completing only 37.9 percent of his pass attempts while his YPA fell to 2.8.

That version of Foles now seems to be a memory, and those around Michael Vick know the end is near. As Jeff McLane reports, even when/if the 33-year-old’s hamstring heals, those close to Vick think he’ll still remain the backup for the remainder of the season.

That’s nice, Vick handlers. But your boy’s fate seemed quite sealed shut when Chip Kelly dropped this Monday in reference to Foles’ season of awesome with the exception of that one hiccup week…

The story that now has to unfold is whether or not Foles can go all Colin Kaepernick for the Eagles while being a savior. More importantly for our purposes here, can he do that for you?

Logic is a beautiful thing, and starting Foles for the remainder of the season makes a whole lot of sense. It’s also glorious fantasy news for those who claimed the Eagles quarterback, as Foles incredibly has 67.5 fantasy points over just his last two games. Beyond the scoring, those points have also come through 634 passing yards during his recent stretch of ridiculousness, and the kid is far from a completely stationary stone figure, as he’s rushed for 80 yards this season over his five game appearances.

Somehow even with his glorious matchup against the Redskins this weekend, Foles is still unowned in 44 percent of ESPN leagues as of this morning. That’s just wrong, as here’s the fantastically weak pass defense stretch he has heading into the fantasy playoffs starting in Week 14: vs. DET, @ MIN, vs. CHI, all defenses currently ranked 23rd or lower against the pass. That right there is some fantasy championship time cake walk stuff, especially for a quarterback currently maintaining a passer rating of 132.5.

Foles is much younger than Vick (he’s 24, and Vick is 33), and even though it’s a small sample size, he’s shown that being overly mobile isn’t required to run Kelly’s offense. He’ll regress, sure, but he needs the opportunity to do that one week, and rebound the next. You know, like any starter.

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Foles is self aware

Napolean Dynamite is a hero of our time, and a character who will forever be showered in cult worship. Meanwhile, Nick Foles has thrown a few touchdowns.

The more famous person in this look-a-like then isn’t even close: it’s the person who isn’t a person at all, and is instead entirely fake and the product of imagination. Sorry, Foles, you’re real.

Please make it so, Aaron

I remain convinced that upon birth football players — or at least all the ones that don’t snap on command — were injected with something that enhances the body’s healing. Horse tranquilizer? Nah, maybe liquid titanium.

The ability to heal quickly from seemingly severe injuries never ceases to amaze. Sure, Jay Cutler is broken again now with a different problem, but the fact that it took him only two weeks to recover from a torn groin is still rather remarkable. Now Aaron Rodgers may attempt to blow your mind.

Rodgers is optimistic about his broken collarbone, because all players are optimistic about every injury. While speaking during his regular weekly guest spot on ESPN Wisconsin yesterday, he hinted strongly that returning next week is a goal.

“I haven’t given up hope on playing any week. It depends on how I heal and depends on what the next x-ray looks like”

If he can play on Nov. 24 against the Vikings, Rodgers will have then missed only two full games, while beating the original best-case scenario by a week. The worse-case scenario is, well, a lot worse (six weeks).

Rodgers may have located the fountain of youth, but the Packers’ Thanksgiving Day game still remains the most realistic return date.

Welcome back, Andre Brown

By now those of you who made the Andre Brown claim last week are happy with what you purchased. This sort of emotion is natural when you just inherited a brute workhorse of a running back who led Week 10 in carries with 30 after we were warned he would be eased in. Ha.

The beat will go on, says NumberFire‘s Keith Black, who looked ahead at Brown’s schedule that projects wonderful things.

Coming up, Dre has Green Bay, Dallas, Washington, San Diego, Seattle, and Detroit. Those teams rank 17th, 26th, 25th, 32nd, 12th, and 4th in Adjusted Rushing NEP – a metric that looks at a defense’s ability to stop the run, adjusted by strength of schedule.

That’s four consecutive bottom-half teams heading into and including the first week of the playoffs. You would have to get to your fantasy finals in Week 16 before ever playing a team that provided an even remotely scary matchup for Brown. Seattle is somewhat colloquially scary, but I think that’s due much more to reputation than anything else, as the numbers bear out that Seattle is an average rushing defense paired with an exceptional passing defense.

Numbers that makes you go hmm (or WHAT?)

Gronk smash breakfast

Maybe this is a new addition to the cereal game, or maybe it’s been around for quite some time and like others I’m just behind on the latest breakfast developments. Either way, WANT: