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Last night many of you lost money on many stupid things. Since losing money is very much a part of the Super Bowl experience, let’s take a look back at the 22 absurd props I spent an unhealthy amount of time analyzing (yes, analyzing) last week, and a few of the most notable, ridiculous, and profitable outcomes.

Sorry, Omaha: The pride of Nebraska was the subject of many props that set the over/under on how many times Peyton Manning would say his now world famous audible. Throughout the playoffs prior to last night he had already yelled it 75 times over just two games, so an o/u set at just 27.5 by Bovada seemed downright ridiculous. Thing is, to say “Omaha” — whatever the hell it means — you need to have the ball, and for much of the first half (and especially the first quarter) Manning watched.

So he said “Omaha” twice. Cancel those Omaha honeymoons, Broncos fans.

Manning only narrowly beat an opera singer: Getting pummeled into submission by the Seahawks defense was bad enough. But getting beat by an opera singer? That would have been rough times, Pey Pey.

One of the more, um, creative props asked this question: which is greater between Renee Fleming’s anthem length in seconds, and Manning’s first half passing yards? Although it felt like the anthem took at least six minutes, Fleming actually kept the length reasonable, clocking out at one minute and 54 seconds. That’s 114 seconds, and in the first half Manning recorded 118 passing yards. He barely salvaged his dignity with two second-quarter drives that featured a lot of passing, one of which ended in Malcolm Smith’s interception heard ’round the world. In the first quarter Manning had only 15 passing yards.

Gatorade bath anarchy: Among the many traditional post-game wagers is the head coach Gatorade bath, and which color the dumped liquid will be when he’s drenched. Usually clear/water is a safe bet, followed closely by orange. But last night, there was chaos.

In an event surely tied to Pete Carroll’s 9/11 truther status, there were two Gatorade dunkings. The first was orange, and all seemed right with the world. But then shortly after that another one followed, and it was yellow.

So, what’s a Gatorade gambler to do? Or more importantly, what’s a Gatorade bookie to do? Bovada paid out for both yellow and orange, and there was no impact because they were each given 3/1 odds. But had the second bath been, say, green at 10/1, we would have had a few bro downs on our hands.

Will Peyton Manning throw a pick six?: This was the major cash in, and it came on an event which is actually football related.

Throughout the regular season and playoffs Manning threw only 11 interceptions despite leading the league in pass attempts with 659. Even better, he didn’t throw his first pick until Week 5, and he had only two multiple-interception games. But despite that overall ball care, he still threw a pick six twice, leaving a slight opportunity for a cash in if the Seahawks’ pressure and their swarming secondary could combine to create a defensive score.

And that’s what happened when Manning was rocked by Cliff Avril mid-throw and hit on the elbow, sending a lobbed fly ball skyward that was reeled in easily by MVP Malcolm Smith and returned for a 69-yard touchdown. At Bovada there were 4/1 odds on Manning throwing a pick six, making this a decent little payday depending on the level of risk management you have with your compulsive gambling.