The Philadelphia Eagles could have released DeSean Jackson for any number of reasons. But since 27-year-old receivers in their prime who fit perfectly in an offense aren’t exactly growing on branches, he must have been the worst locker room jerk in sports history, and his alleged gang affiliations certainly didn’t help matters. That’s all we can assume right now, because otherwise cutting someone with Jackson’s youth and talent is…confusing.

But reasons be damned, the Jackson era in Philadelphia is over now, and what an era it was. Filled with taunts and DJax repeatedly telling you that he is, in fact, the very best, it was a rather entertaining time in our lives.

One more time then, let’s get a little nostalgic and count down the top five Jackson moments in Philadelphia.

Hey, you probably shouldn’t kick it to this guy

There’s just so much ballin’ out hard happening here between the muffed punt and recovery, a sprint 65 yards up the seam to win a game, and the vintage Madden goal-line strut taunt.

About taunting…

It was sort of Jackson’s thing in Philly, and that won’t stop wherever he lands next. He is who he always will be: cocky, and ready to back it up by running far away from you. Like, say, 91 yards.

Who needs a ball in the endzone?

Ditching the ball before successfully crossing into the place where points are scored is an epidemic of sorts for Jackson, one that started in high school. But this was his most egregious negligence.

He’s pretty fast though

This was the first play of a 2010 Monday night game. The very first one, and it ended 88 yards later after some casual backwards prancing for extra swag points.

Easily DeSean’s most memorable moment in Philadelphia, and it’s not close

Indeed. We must never forget.