Six great touchdown celebrations from the '90s

Gus Frerotte tried to fight a wall, and the wall won.

Why projecting Kony Ealy's future isn't easy

Kony Ealy has reminded us that projecting defensive linemen isn't easy.

Why Chris Johnson fits perfectly with the Jets

Dare I say it, but if Smith can even become average or if Vick wins the job, barring injury the Jets could actually be threatening offensively, especially if Johnson does his best LaDainian Tomlinson impression.

Why Eric Ebron is battling recent draft history

Eric Ebron could rise to elite draft status in 22 days.

Why Joel Bitonio has the potential to be a solid NFL starter

He'll need to add more strength, but Joel Bitonio has the potential to be a solid right tackle.

Why the Chiefs might be in trouble

Nearly every year there's a team that does the flameout, smoking spiral thing, failing to qualify for the playoffs after doing so the previous season. A year after rising from the dead, that could be the Chiefs in 2014.

A brief history of ridiculous pre-draft quotes and scouting reports

There are many elements of the NFL draft I enjoy. The anonymous quotes aren't one of them.

What happened during the 2009 draft: The gift of Clay Matthews

The headlining quarterback during the 2009 draft has been inconsistent at best, and the draft overall wasn't nearly as strong as the two years that followed. But it did give us a long-haired man now beloved in frosty Wisconsin, and another linebacker who disregards normal football conventions. Like wearing a helmet.

Aldon Smith: When being an idiot goes wrong

if he becomes a former 49ers employee through any avenue, quickly the focus will turn to Aldon Smith the pass rusher, and not Aldon Smith the drinking fool, as every time not named the 49ers will quickly be interested. Just win baby.

Five football movies that are the best

Friday Night Lights forever.

Five football movies that really sucked

Tonight if you really want to treat someone special in your life to a romantic evening, remember that Draft Day is now in theaters and available for your viewing pleasure.

Why Khalil Mack will be a top 10 pick

Khalil Mack is fast, powerful, and versatile. Sounds like a top 10 pick.

How much does Adrian Peterson have left?

We know that Adrian Peterson is barely human. But will he still break down eventually?

Anthony Barr can be either dominating, or dominated

The team that drafts Anthony Barr won't know what they're getting until a few years into his career, which is a scary thought.