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The Cincinnati Bengals have been searching for a receiver to play opposite A.J. Green all season. With the amount of safety attention Green gets, this should be quite a lucrative position. However, nobody has taken advantage yet this season. The Bengals gave Andrew Hawkins a look, but he hasn’t topped 50 receiving yards since Week 3. Brandon Tate had his chance, but he’s only recorded multiple catches once this season.

Enter Mohamed Sanu, our most promising candidate on this week’s watch list.

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Fantasy trade deadlines are around the corner, meaning it’s time to get active since this will be your last chance to make significant changes to your roster.

In this week’s edition of the Trading Post, we get ready to cut ties with a very productive quarterback, and we seize the opportunity to dump an unreliable running back.

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In this week’s edition of fantasy insomnia, we prey on the struggling Law Firm, delve into the depths of the Saints’ backfield, and place a couple of injury replacements under the microscope.

Brian Leonard (CIN / RB) – owned in 0% / 0% of ESPN/Yahoo leagues – BenJarvus Green-Ellis is yet to eclipse 100 yards rushing in a game this season. That’s forced the Bengals to try something different. They clearly aren’t enthralled with their backup Brian Leonard, but they don’t have any other choice. Last week, Leonard had four carries and three receptions for a total of two fantasy points. That’s not enough to seriously consider adding him, but this situation is trending positively in the right direction, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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In this week’s trading post, we take a look at one quarterback who is about to break out of a funk and a running back who has found his stride.

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We’ve reached the point in the fantasy season where managers should pick a course of action for their team. There are three possible options:

1. Your team has no chance of making the playoffs, and if you’ve in a keeper league, you should begin the fire-sale immediately.

2. Your team is scrambling to make the playoffs, and all you care about is winning this coming Sunday.

3. Your team is destined for the playoffs, and you can afford the luxury of making some decisions based on future matchups (i.e. fantasy playoffs).

It’s crucial that you classify your team properly, because heading down the wrong path could cost you a championship.

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The best way to defend Calvin Johnson is to place a safety right over top of him in a cover-2 (two safeties). For this to work properly, a defense needs the talent and balance to shut down other threats without help from that safety. As Alen Dumonjic points out, defending Megatron is made easier by a cornerback who plays with flawless technique.

However, more teams are attempting to limit Johnson and force somebody else beat them. This makes the Lions’ other threats very viable fantasy options. Titus Young had already taken Nate Burleson’s starting job before Burleson went down with a season-ending injury. Young, a second-round pick in 2011, hasn’t been a favorite of the coaching staff thus far. Why? Young punched teammate Louis Delmas and was accordingly banned from the team’s practice facility. He also headbutted CB Janoris Jenkins, which resulted in a second half benching against the Rams. You could say he’s a bit of a loose cannon.

Young has never really clicked on the field with Stafford, which led to Burleson winning the starting job opposite Megatron again in training camp. If we remove his miracle, game-tying touchdown as an outlier, Young has only one week with more than two fantasy points.

Ryan Broyles is now almost a year past his torn ACL that he suffered as a senior at Oklahoma. That injury unquestionably hurt his draft stock and bumped him into the middle of the second round last spring. He’s getting stronger every day and should be nipping at Young’s heels for targets. That started on Monday as Broyles hauled in Detroit’s only TD and finished with eleven fantasy points to Young’s eight.

He’s included in this week’s watch list, along with a few other prominent backups.

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We’ve all made trades we regret. Sometimes you realize right away, and sometimes you don’t realize at all. But most fantasy fanatics have had at least one forgettable trade.

Well, to comfort you after any botched trades and inspire you to try trading again, I present the five worst trades of all-time made by real general mangers in the NFL. Take solace in the fact that you probably won’t screw up as bad as these GMs who are paid to do this:

5. Rams trade Jerome Bettis to the Steelers for TE Ernie Conwell and T Ryan Tucker

4. Buccaneers trade Steve Young to 49ers for LB Winston Moss and WR Bruce Hill

3. Colts trade Marshall Faulk to Rams for LB Mike Peterson and DE Brad Scioli

2. Vikings trade five players and six draft picks for Herschel Walker. Those picks would include Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. Walker would play three uninspiring years in Minnesota.

1. Colts trade John Elway to Broncos for QB Mark Hermann, T Chris Hinton and G Ron Solt

At least your mistakes impact rosters and teams that don’t really exist.

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