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Whenever you’re contemplating a trade, it is crucial to check out the fantasy playoff matchups of your potential acquisitions. Fantasy playoff start dates vary from league-to-league (most leagues start in either Week 14 or 15), but they are an absolutely vital piece of information. I would rather have Donald Brown against the Saints defense than Arian Foster against the 49ers. That’s not to say I would trade Foster for Brown – but I wouldn’t want to neglect that information either.

Both of my recommendations this week have great fantasy playoff schedules. Doug Martin has dates with New Orleans and Atlanta, while Antonio Brown will be seeing San Diego, Cleveland, and Baltimore over the final five weeks.

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Here are this week’s super sleepers for your watch list. We take a look at a QB who ran the “pistol offense” at the University of Nevada, a tight end who is currently working under a hidden identity and Kuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnn.

Colin Kaepernick (SF) – Owned in 0% / 1% of ESPN / Yahoo leagues – Obviously the QB’s on your watch list will vary depending on the size of your league and whether or not you have 2 QB’s starting on each team. For our watch those of you in 2-QB leagues, Kaepernick is worth keeping an eye on. The Niners have one of the most physically gifted offensive lines in football and they currently lead the NFL in rushing yards. Kaerpernick, at 6”5, 233 lbs., is being given a larger role every week and will even launch the occasional deep throw down the field.

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Here’s your daily “How bad have things gotten for the New York Jets moment”: Drew Stanton is taking shots at them! Stanton claims that he was promised a chance to play if QB Mark Sanchez struggled. Yes, the New York Jets are so bad on offense that they considered giving Drew Stanton a chance. Stanton was since released to make room for Tim Tebow. This begs the question, if Stanton was promised playing time, surely Tebow was given the same promise?

Active / Playing

AJ Green (CIN) – Green practiced in full on Friday and is listed as probable. This means that barring an unexpected setback, he is good to go. The bad news for Green owners is this: Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing which offenses are fantasy friendly is helpful when deciding between potential additions to your team. For example, I would rather own James Jones or Tom Crabtree of the Green Bay Packers, than Chaz Schillens, Konrad Reuland or any of the other “skill” positions on the New York Jets.

First we must define what makes an NFL offense “fantasy friendly”:

-          A high octane offense that produces gaudy numbers for all skill position players.

-          A balanced offense, where defences must respect both the pass and run

-          An offense that doesn’t rely on any one player and can absorb the loss of any individual

-          A coaching staff that is intent on putting up lots of points.

-          Your defence gives up lots of points, forcing the offense to remain aggressive

1. New England Patriots – The Patriots run most of their plays out of two tight end formations. They not only run the ball, but they throw deep, intermediate and short routes from these sets, which allows them to disguise their plays very easily. This has led to a league-leading 439 yards of offense each week. The opportunities in this offense are seemingly limitless. New England has at least 3 running backs, 2 tight ends and 3 wide receivers that get involved each week. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady make a point of spreading the ball around and this offense can sustain major injuries (Brady in 2008), which makes it our most fantasy friendly offense of the 2012 season.

2. New York Giants – The Giants offense is fantasy friendly because they are able to turn a middling running back, receiver or tight end into a stud on any given Sunday. Whether it be Andre Brown, Ramses Barden, Dominik Hixon or Martellus Bennett, the Giants have a QB and system that is capable of turning water to wine. New York also sports one of the weaker secondaries in the league, which means that Eli and the boys are usually forced to keep throwing aggressively late into games.

3. Atlanta Falcons – Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has installed a fast-paced and explosive pass-first system and his players love it. Matt Ryan ranks 2nd among quarterbacks with 110 fantasy points. Roddy White and Julio Jones are both viable WR1’s every week. Tony Gonzalez has re-discovered himself and is putting up numbers reminiscent of his days in Kansas City. Michael Turner has continued to give this offense good balance and even backups such as Jacquizz Rodgers and Harry Douglas have seen a boost in their numbers under Koetter’s offense. The potential disaster that awaits if Matt Ryan gets injured, is the only thing keeping Atlanta out of the top-2. Read the rest of this entry »

A lot of things in life are average – Wednesdays are average, Volkswagon cars are average, red peppers are an average vegetable and so on. There is nothing wrong with being average and that is why I have always been ambivalent towards Heath Miller. For his entire career, Miller has been an average receiving tight end – more renowned for his blocking skills than his pass-catching abilities: Read the rest of this entry »

Before we begin, I’d like to say a big thank you to Steve Spagnuolo and Dave Wannstedt. The defensive coordinators of the leagues two most inept units in New Orleans and Buffalo, Spagnuolo and Wannstedt have helped pave the way for what is on pace to be a record-setting season for offenses and fantasy football teams alike.

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Ed. Note: Today is Thanksgiving in the great nation of Canada. It’s sort of like American Thanksgiving, except much worse because there’s no NFL triple-header, and therefore we have to converse with our families. As such, content will be lighter, but here’s Oliver Macklem with some timely advice, and Rob Pizzola will be around shortly with his Monday Night Football pick for those who mix gambling with family time.

Every fantasy sports league ever has one player on the waiver wire who serves as a litmus test. If said player is picked up, it means the team he is heading to, well, sucks. He’s that one guy whose rotten stench has permeated your nostrils because he’s been sitting on the waiver wire for so long, and he’s just not  productive enough for any owner to consider picking him up. Any team willing to lay hands on this player is clearly doomed and is openly admitting to failure.

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